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.: Jake :.

.: Ben :.

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Tons of comics, totally free!
Free Comic Book Day is a national event where comic book stores give away a TON of awesome comics totally FREE OF CHARGE! It's fun for people of all ages and interests. Come out and grab something good to read. Kids can come meet costumed characters, play games and win cool stuff. Lots of fun events to celebrate the comic book hobby!

Every Year in August! Date TBA
9:00AM- Noon
Myrtle Grove Library is planning a Super Hero Fun Run. Kids will arrive dressed as their favorite super heroes and then run a mile while they avoid being captured by evil Book Burglar villains!
Don't see it? Let us order it!

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    Memory Lane has been providing Wilmington with quality comics, killer conversation, and fantastic folks for over 30 years. POW!

    Beyond our extensive stock of new Marvel, DC, and Indie comics and Graphic Novels, we have a huge backstock from major and minor publishers, vintage comics, stickers, patches, statues, toys, tee shirts, HEROCLIX, games, collectibles, posters, long boxes, short boxes, bags, boards, subscriptions, and much more! If we don't have what you need, we'll order it! BLAM!

    We have the area's LARGEST selection of vintage toys and new action figures with new stuff every week! SMACK!

    We sponsor Bring your own Trivia at Cape Fear WIne and Beer on Wednesday Nights Prizes are available and awesome. SOCKO!

    So come by! We're in Downtown Wilmington at 201 Princess St.. Just look for the Bat-Symbol, Green Lantern's light and Superman's emblem on door. We're open from 11-7 Monday-Saturday and 1-5 Sunday.


.: Jake

  • Known Aliases: The Boss; Supreme Chancellor of Awesomeness

  • Job Title: Co-Owner

  • Base of Operations: The Shop

  • Description: Proud owner of MLC; Enjoys Surfing, playing music, reading comics, SELLING comics, debating who would win in a fight: the Hulk or his own father(everyone has a hero)?

  • Powers & Abilities: Stands slightly taller than you might expect! A smooth operator! Keeps the power on at the shop. Able to avert the average comic shop crisis!

  • Favorite Reads: Oh man... Saga, East of West, Walking Dead, Y: The last Man, Invincible, Uncanny X-Force (Remender's Run), Detective Comics by Paul Dini, Amazing Spider-Man, Fables, Scott Pilgrim, Uncanny X-men, The Goon, SWAMP THING, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... many more

.: Ben

  • Known Aliases: Captain Amazing

  • Job Title:Co-Owner/Duke of Awesomeness

  • Base of Operations: Edgewood

  • Description: Ben is a lover and a fighter, which comes first, you ask? I don't know. Ask him.

  • Powers & Abilities: Drawing skills, Hand-to-hand combat, Ability to talk his way out of anything.

  • Favorite Reads: Invincible, Green Lantern, Saga, Uncanny X-Force & Uncanny Avengers (Remender), That Justice League joint, East of West, Batman, Fables, Preacher, Walking Dead

.: Eric

  • Known Aliases:E-Walk, The Rock, Sweet E

  • Job Title: Dudicus Von Awesomesauce

  • Base of Operations: The Interwebs. All of them.

  • Description: Would lay down his coat over a puddle for any MLC customer. He's that good.

  • Powers & Abilities: He read it. He knows it. And he'll tell you all about it. Able to track down comics with bloodhound-like senses. Knows the store perhaps better than the owners! Able to take on any mystery or mystery box mini!

  • Favorite Reads: Daredevil (By Mark Waid), Invincible, Walking Dead, East of West, Avengers Arena, X-Men, Batman (cuz everyone loves Batman) Captain America.

.: Jason

  • Known Aliases: Jasonius Maximus, Springles

  • Job Title: Doctor Awesome

  • Base of Operations: The Law Offices of Springs and Springs

  • Description: Rumored to be born in a laboratory in north western Canada, Springs' origin remains unknown. All that has been uncovered is that Wilmington NC is his spot.

  • Powers & Abilities: Able to dress like Andre from "The League!" Can crush any Heroclix player with the might of a Spider-Man team!

  • Favorite Reads: Anything with Uncanny in front of it, anything with a spider in it, anything containing the word Justice. And some lame stuff no one probably reads.

All employees are ™ & © 2010 Memory Lane Comics, all rights reserved, and may not reproduce without expressed written consent. Any similarities between these employees and the staff of other comic shops is purely coincidental and kind of creepy.